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We worship every Sunday, plus we have other classes and special worship days throughout the year. Join us for an upcoming service or event!




Life within Calvary’s family centers around our time together on Sunday Mornings. Worship starts at 9:00a.m. and is where God gives himself to us in Word and Sacrament. During the COVID-19 Pandemic the status of “In Person” worship is constantly changing with the safety regulations. Calvary has opted to follow all guidelines for worshiping communities provided by the Panhandle Health District. For the most up-to-date status of “In Person” worship please call our office.


Every Sunday our worship service is live-streamed on Calvary’s Facebook page. While remote worship is not the same as in person worship, it is a great way to stay connected with the congregation when we are not able to join one another in the sanctuary. Please follow our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/calvarypostfalls

WEDNESDAYS IN LENT – 7:00 P.M. (In-Person & Live on Facebook)

Meet the First Family - Beginning with Ash Wednesday on February 17 and continuing through March 24 we will be having weekly services at 7:00. As we walk through the season of Lent we will explore the story of Adam and Eve and their children. We will see what we have to gain from understanding God’s relationship with them at creation, their fall, the curse that came to them as a result of sin, God’s blessing amid that curse and the consequences that all this has for us and our relationships. Your are welcome to participate in these services in-person (masked and social distanced


HOLY WEEK – MARCH 28 TO APRIL 4. (In-Person & Live on Facebook)

Holy Week is a time when we retell the core stories that make Christianity different. It begins with Palm Sunday, where God comes to humanity in humility and refuses to “save” us by raising an army. It continues with Maundy Thursday, as God commands us to love one another by sharing God’s love. On Good Friday we experience the depth of God’s love in that, while we are still sinners, God dies for us. Easter is the culmination of the week as we experience with the celebration that death has been defeated for all time. Each of these days is only one component of the entire story, and each day makes the others more powerful. We hope that you will connect with our worship experiences on all four of these sacred days

PALM SUNDAY – MARCH 28 - 9:00A.M. (In-Person & Live on Facebook)

Outdoor Processional Worship. This outdoor service, starting at Calvary, will involve about 20 minutes of walking through Calvary’s neighborhood while singing hymns. The entire 30-minute service will be outside, regardless of the weather (dress appropriately). We will stay socially-distanced while walking and singing. Masks will be optional. We will live-stream this service.
If you would like to be pushed in a wheelchair, please call the church before Noon on March 25th so we can make sure to have enough wheelchairs. 


MAUNDY THURSDAY – APRIL 1 - 7:00P.M. (In-Person & Live on Facebook)

Holy Communion Service: On the night in which Jesus was betrayed he gives himself to us in the Lord’s Supper and commands us to love one another. This service will be socially distanced, masked, and will involve no singing. We will celebrate Holy Communion and have an experience that invites us to recognize that Jesus has already given us the washing of rebirth, and invites us to use that gift to love one another.


GOOD FRIDAY – APRIL 2 (In-Person & Live on Facebook)

Family Good Friday Worship (Pre-Recorded) - Available at 8:00a.m., Friday - April 2: It can be hard to figure out the right way to share the story of Jesus death with children. This pre-recorded, interactive worship experience helps bring meaning to Easter by recognizing Jesus death in a gentle way.

Tenebrae (Service of Shadows) - 7:00p.m., Friday - April 2: Resurrection is only possible after death. On good Friday we remember the depth of God’s love and recognize that we are worth dying for. This service will be socially distanced, masked, and will involve limited singing.


EASTER SUNDAY – APRIL 4 (In-Person & Live on Facebook)

Choose your level of COVID-19 precaution: As Easter approaches, we recognize that many of us are at very different places with regard to our vaccinations, immunity, risk levels for complications from COVID-19, and comfort level with social interaction. Our hope is to provide meaningful worship experiences for you, regardless of where you find yourself concerning these issues. We want to empower you to make the best choices possible for your health, and the health of those within your circle of contact. The only worship experience that is free of COVID-19 risks is to worship at home via DVD or live-stream. This is true even if you have been fully vaccinated for more than 2-weeks. We will continue to make DVD and live-stream options available indefinitely. For those who are comfortable with in-person worship, we have a variety of Easter choices. Each service below includes different levels of COVID-19 precautions. We hope that as you choose which way to participate; you will find an option that meets your needs.

If COVID-19 Infection Rates or Hospitalization Rates increase significantly in Kootenai County, more COVID-19 precautions will be taken at all services. 

Sunrise Worship @ Falls Park - 6:30a.m. - Sunday, April 4:  We join with friends from Community Presbyterian Church for an opportunity to remember all of the mixed emotions that Jesus’ disciples experience when the sun rose that first Easter morning.  This service takes place at Falls Park in Post Falls regardless of weather, so dress appropriately.  There are no chairs provided and most people stand.  We will social distance for this service.  Masks will be optional, and there will be singing. 

Easter worship with More COVID Precautions - 9:00a.m. - Sunday, April 4:  Gathering in Calvary’s Sanctuary, this service will be Socially-Distanced, Masks-Required, with very limited singing.  Doors and windows will be open to allow maximum ventilation combined with a fan helping to exchange the air.  Attendance in the sanctuary will be limited to allow proper social distancing with video-simulcast overflow available in the fellowship hall. 

Easter Worship with Relaxed COVID Precautions - 11:00a.m. - Sunday, April 4:  Gathering in Calvary’s sanctuary, this service is for those who are confident in their immunity levels.  Masks are required for those age 10 and older.  Social distancing will be encouraged but seating will NOT be limited.  There WILL be singing throughout this service.  We will be running a fan to exchange the air. 



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